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Playing the demo for Etrian Odyssey IV or w/e and at the beginning of the game, it specifically instructed that nobody make any innappropriate names for their guild or characters.

And this happened. I’M TERRIBLE.

D4Hire is my main sword wielder, comeatme is my mace-wielder, shadybtch is my sniper, I forget what Teabag is, Mehdick is my Medic (getit), PRAISLAWD is my healer, and Tinydancr is my dancer. Who also wields a sword apparently.

I’ll delete it soon ‘cause its a Demo at least, pfft.

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  1. sumikakagami said: …dick for hire?
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    it always surprises me when you’re even slightly vulgar, amy. i didn’t even realize it was you who posted this at first.
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