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Downloading Zelda message tones to my phone hue

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I’m not caught up but most people I know really like it, even Enzo-senpai with his pretty artistic taste (and he doesn’t like Star Driver interestingly). So yeah, interesting view :0

I think I’ve heard like 50/50 views on it! Half like it, half are kinda eh about it. Its a weird situation pfft

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I find it to be quite appealing in some aspect. Sure its not a masterpiece though. Most of the things that I find people complaining about is just because they don’t understand what’s going on, and that makes me sad. But to each their own!

I’m about 85% sure you’d find at least one thing good for every BONES anime since you’re a BONES connoisseur man, ahah. I dont have a problem with the storyline, its more or less the pacing and the storyboarding of what’s happening when. Its also my bias that I’m not really big on the popular formula of ‘monsters of the week’ in a lot of shows, so there’s that for me.

hi friend. i'm bugging you again to tell you this thing XD i played the d club audio that you reblogged and i heard my roommate opening the door. unfortunately i thought it was coming from my youtube tab and i closed the wrong tab and she came in right when danny asked "You touched dicks with another guy???" I just about died omg

ohmy gOD