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Hey, Amy. I just found a poll of animes that should have a live-action movie. and the number seven is Eureka Seven (ironic.) How would be a movie of E7?



Ehm… personally I don’t think a live action movie would work too well with E7, or at least an accurate live action adaptation. I feel like stories with a lot of fantasy adapted into live action normally don’t do so hot. The robots would be fine I think (considering Transformers and Pacific Rim) but the rest of it… I just feel like it would end up like The Last Airbender. ^^; I can’t really think of actors that would definitively suit Renton and Eureka, either. But if it ever happened, I’d go see it anyways. Probably to laugh, with a quarter of hope for its accuracy in my heart ahah.

would gulliver be CGI or would he be played by a live badger though

Val asks the important questions.


Trying to remember an answer when taking a test


Remembering the answer after you’ve turned the test in


I was bopping my head to Anata ga Ireba OK on my iPod until I just froze and got really sad cause I remembered it waS THE LAST ED

Anonymous ━

That one guy from that one space bros anime. With the pug. And that dude with the huge ass hair from that other space anime. Space Dandy or something. Choose one guy.


I can’t believe you’re making me choose between my Space anime

Bros vs Dandy

I choose the bro 

Mostly because he and I are the same person to begin with. Dandy’s cool and all but haha my space bro all the way

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